Computing the Optimal Road Trip Across All 47 National Parks in US Mainland

I found an interesting Python project, which is from Randy Olson’s blog.

I wish one day we can visit all the 59 national parks of United States, so I started to look into this project and wanted to come up with an optimal route for a road trip across all 47 national parks in the US mainland.

Result first:

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Memorial Day Long Weekend Road Trip to Maine

This was actually our first formal road trip. We visited Portland, ME and Acadia National Park.

Jordan Pond – Acadia National Park

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Where We’ve Been

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Puerto Rico – Sun, Sea and Sand

Thanksgiving trip to the sunny Puerto Rico!

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盐湖城-大提顿-黄石 游记


Morning Glory Pool
Morning Glory Pool

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A One-person Trip to The West

A 11-day one-person trip to the west.

Boston – San Diego – Log Angeles – Page, AZ – Las Vegas – Grand Canyon – Zion National Park – Boston

The horseshoe Bend @ Page, AZ

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